Utility Industries

The valves and fittings manufactured by Sealexcel are suitable for various industries such as Pneumatics, Instrumentations, Paper, Semiconductor, Paper, Semiconductor, Alternative Fuels, Food, Beverages, Chemicals, and Petrochemicals etc. Such valves and fittings are designed taking into consideration the fact that it should be able to perform well, meet all the safety requirements and reliable to use. Not only the above industries, Sealexcel’s wide range of fittings and valves are also used in marine industry and oil and gas industries too. These industries require products which are very safe and reliable to use due to the danger it can pose if the products are found to be faulty.
The multiple quality check and continuous R&D has helped Sealexcel in producing products that meet the international benchmark. Such products are demanded by companies within India and abroad as well. With more than 2 decades in the manufacture of valves and fittings, Sealexcel can be trusted to provide international quality product at competitive rates.


Chemicals & Petrochemicals

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Oil and Gas

At Sealexcel, with more than 28 years experience, the company can …



International quality combined with best competitive rates …


Alternative Fuels

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Power Generation

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Food, Beverages & Pharmaceuticals

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