We have been purchasing your stainless steel Push-in fittings range of products since 2004 and during that time have imported thousands of fittings. We and our customers in Australia have been very impressed with the quality and performance of your product. We import fittings from all over the world and I can honestly say that your products are amongst the best in terms of performance and consistency. We also appreciate the service that you and your colleagues provide in assisting us to meet project cost and deadline criteria for our clients.

Tony Tunnicliffe, Director

We have been purchasing stainless steel fittings for the above company for 6 years We are completely satisfied with the quality, consistency and performance of all products purchased.The response from the company regarding enquiries is always prompt and have no hesitancy in recommending Sealexcel as a reliable partner.

Steve Littlewood, Purchasing Manager
United Kingdom

We have been purchasing stainless steel tube fittings from SEALEXCL since few years. We and our customers in France have been satisfied with the quality and performance of your products, we can honestly say that SEALEXCEL proposes and supplies good and constant quality.

Franck Locatelli, Purchasing manager

We are entirely satisfied for the quality, consistency and performance of your products. Once again thank you very much for your service and deep co-operation.

Marco Regis, CEO

Thank you for your support over the last year of Business. The quality, consistency and performance of your products have made our business run smoothly. We look forward to working with Sealexcel in the coming years and growth of our company.

Dan Korrub, Logistics Director

Due to the fact we are glad to find such a reliable and good partner as Sealexcel is for us. We are working for more than 8 years with the company together and we have a well-established business relationship nowadays.

The quality of the goods and the services provided by Sealexcel is one of the most important factor for us. We are very satisfied with the performance of the company. Additionaly, we would like to underline that the vendor in this case company Sealexcel is able to supply the good always on time to the desired quantity, furthermore, Sealexcel always evaluate on their capability to deliver products in case of any urgency.

Also the after sales service of the company Sealexcel is excellent. The vendor is able to answer various queries related to our requirements. The company provides regular and technical supports and always tries to resolve any issues in shortest possible time.

Concluding we would like to say that we are very satisfied with the performance of our partner. We are glad to have such a partner and hope for a long and well-established business relationship with the company Sealexcel.

Ingo Bloemker, Purchase Manager