The fittings and valves manufactured by Sealexcel meet the requirements of various industries such as Pharmaceuticals, Hydraulics, Petrochemicals, Food, Pneumatics, Instrumentations and much more. Oil and gas is one such industry where these instruments that are used in refinery plants, off shore rigs and the other segments should be highly reliable and very safe.

Any compromise with regard to quality of tools can cause a serious damage to life and property. Hence, such industries call for the use of high-quality valves and fittings that can withstand corrosion, vibration, pressure variations and also temperature control.

At Sealexcel, with more than 28 years experience, the company can be trusted for international quality fittings and valves at the best price in the whole of India. The company has a great experience when it comes to developing, designing, producing and marketing all the products related to fittings and valves. The R& D and quality control team ensures that the company is always up to date with the industry requirements and the quality of the product produced meets international standards and are reliable and safe to use.