Food, Beverages & Pharmaceuticals


When it comes to food and beverages industry, the equipment that are used in the total process must be absolutely clean and sterilized so that the product produced are absolutely pure. These are important as the products produced will be consumed by people.

Any fault in the cleanliness can be dangerous as it might adversely affect the health of people consuming it. For achieving the above, the fittings and the valve that are used for pasteurization, sterilization, packaging, bottling etc must go through a rigorous cleaning process.

At Sealexcel, which is a company that has been in the business of producing and supplying valves and fittings to many industries, one can be assured about the quality as well as the cleanliness process that is followed before making the products available for use in food and beverage industry. Following of international methods and meeting benchmarks of an international level has earned the company the reputation of making valves and fittings which are of the highest quality in India.