Chemicals & Petrochemicals


Valves and fittings form an essential part of any industry. For quality performance, safety and reliability the valves and fittings that are used in any industry should be of good quality. Like most of the industries petrochemical and chemical industry requires good quality products as they deal with highly toxic, corrosive and flammable fluids.
Due to this, such industries demand products which have been manufactured keeping in mind all quality and safety standards. Any compromise to the quality standards can be hazardous. The components used in the chemical industry should be such that it can withstand corrosion, pressure variation and also temperature cycles.

Sealexcel which is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and established in the year 1987 aims to meet the requirements of all the industries such as above by supplying them with fittings and vaults which has gone through several quality control checks and also meets the current requirements of the industry.
The valves and fittings produced by Sealexcel meet all the fittings needs of a large range of industry. Maintenance of quality, production of latest products as per industry requirement, the goal of customer satisfaction and timely delivery has earned Sealexcel a name not only in the national market, but also in international market.