Alternative Fuels


Sealexcel is a trusted name when it comes to gas fitting manufactures. The gas fittings are designed and manufactured as per technical specification and strict guidelines. Not only in India but also countries like USA, Europe, Middle East, Australia have imported gas fitting products from this renowned company. High quality, reliable features and cost effectiveness are some of the reasons for increasing demand of fittings and valves produce by Sealexcel.
The high pressure gas system is used to transmit flammable gasses under great pressure.

This requires good quality of Flow Control Components that are used mainly in trucks, buses, alternative fuels passenger vehicles, hydraulic fuel cells, filling station and ethanol refineries. Because of the expertise and experience of Sealexcel in the field of engineering it has got product certification ISO 15500 and ECE R110 for "Well-Lok" Twin Ferrule Tube Fittings that is used in hydrogen and natural gas applications.